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West Village Wildlife

A Tiny Wonderland of Wildlife in the Middle of a Concrete Jungle

Right off of one of the busiest interstates in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the South sits a bustling mixed-use development. And practically every usable inch of land in this urban enclave hosts a retail store, restaurant, or residential unit. That is, except for the path of storm-water runoff and the pond in which it collects. You wouldn't think a nasty old retention pond would be a haven for All God's Creatures, but you'd be wrong. Everything from raccoons, beavers, and otters, to hummingbirds, herons, and birds of prey, find their way into our pond. As such, you can often find me, standing on the concrete retaining wall, camera in hand, and ready to capture it all. 

My goal for memorializing all of our wonderful West Village Wildlife is to show my friends and neighbors that there is a whole other magical world just outside their front doors. And to hopefully encourage them to appreciate it, respect it, and care for it.

Flip through the gallery below to meet some of our beloved West Village Wildlife. And please be on the lookout for periodic opportunities to support our neighborhood cleanup efforts so we can ensure the pond remains a sanctuary for all of these critters for years to come. 


The West Village Wildlife Gallery

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