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The West Village Avian Chronicles - Chapter Six: The Masked Singers

I first saw these guys in February, when a mini-flock of them descended on a tree by the pond. Their awesome eye masks drew my attention from the mockingbird I was shooting to the top of the tree. Before I could adjust my camera settings and get a view, that same mockingbird gave the little masked singers what-for and scared them away. When I zoomed in on the shots I was able to get, though, I was instantly enamored and jumped right on Google to find out what they are.

The Cedar Waxwing

I don't think you see them that often here in my neck of the woods, but they definitely decided - en masse - to make a stop in the ATL along their migratory journey. Photos of them popped up all over my Facebook photography groups, and they really are extraordinary! Sadly for me, our West Village tour group tended to wait until dusk to make their appearance, so the lighting was never quite right. Nonetheless, I did get some decent - albeit grainy - shots. Or, at least I think so. What are your thoughts?

Pollinator Hater!!

So long, my sneaky friends! Until next spring!


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