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Leave it to Beaver(s)

Hands down, everyone's favorite neighborhood mascots are our industrious family of beavers. We have them all - Hugh Beaumont, Barbra Billingsley, Tony Dow, and, of course, Jerry Mathers. We see them year-round, usually at dawn or dusk, and before or after a rainstorm. They're attracted to the sound of running water, so when storm runoff pours down the hill and into our pond, you can usually count on seeing the telltale ripple in the water. Over the summer we had a litter of adorable kits, working hard to fill up on milfoil and build an intricate den. Most recently. we've seen the same couple gracing our watering hole, one of which is so large that he more resembles a bear than a beaver. They are so fun to watch and are definitely the OGs of West Village Wildlife...

Look at that beast in the back! He's HUGE!

Awww... Beaver snuggles... <3


Cute little babies. Doesn't he look like he's sucking his thumb? <3


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