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The West Village Avian Chronicles - Chapter One: Rockin' Robins

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

y crazy neighborhood (see the West Village Wildlife tab for more information) is home to A LOT of birds. And I am genetically disposed to being wild about birds (see: About), so it only makes sense that I obsessively photograph them. I just think they are the cutest, neatest, most fascinating and magical little beings. I love watching them chase each other around, hunt for bugs, and fight over the seed in my feeders. And I'm constantly blown away by the seemingly never-ending variety of birds in the world! Each species is so different and special. I love how cardinals can always be seen in pairs. I love how Eastern phoebes dart straight up and down to catch bugs in midair. And I am fascinated by and respectful of a bird of prey's sharp eye and keen hunting prowess. There's nothing I love more than getting lost in scanning the trees or horizon to see what I may find...

Since our fine feathered friends are the creatures I photograph the most in the 'hood, I decided to start the West Village Avian Chronicles to share some of my favorites with you. This is Chapter One!

A great thing about being a birdwatcher is that the subject of your observation is constantly changing. They change with the location, the year, the season, the weather. And West Village is no exception. For some reason, we are overrun with lovely little robins right now. The floor of the pond is often covered with them. I'm not sure if they were delayed or rerouted during their annual migration, or if they've just decided to make Georgia their final destination this year. Regardless, since they've decided to grace us with their abundant presence as of late, I figured they'd be a great start to this series of posts.

So, without further ado, I give you a small sampling of West Village's own Rockin' Robins!

A Call to Action

Pigeon-Toed Birdie Butt

So. Many. Robins.

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