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The West Village Avian Chronicles - Chapter Four: Rattle & Hum

It's 75 degrees and sunny out there today in the ATL. I think spring is most definitely upon us! As I clean up my patio from the winter (and the house painters who have been working in the 'hood for two months now), I have already gotten excited about the imminent return of my beloved hummingbirds.


  • There are around 360 species of hummingbirds?? Insane! And ALL of those species are native to the Americas!

  • The intensity of their coloring is not a result of plumage pigmentation, but of how the light hits their feathers at any given time?

  • They can't walk or hop on their tiny, aerodynamic feet? Their feet are only used for itching, preening, and scooting up and down tree branches.

  • Their heart rate is more than 1,200 beats per minute? (Keep in mind, a human's is around 60-80 bpm at rest.)

  • They can't smell?

  • Their eggs are smaller than jelly beans?!?!

  • That, much like myself, they consume half their weight in sugar each day??


In anticipation of the arrival of these little jewels of the sky, I decided to post some of my favorite shots of last year's cuties. I hope to see them all again very, very soon!


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