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The Righteous Gemstones

That pesky thing that keeps the lights on, the animals fed, and the camera lenses paid for has really been getting in the way of my personal life these days. It's great when you're busy at work (job security and all that), but it makes keeping up with your website and photo editing endeavors a little tough. Hence the lack of communication from yours truly.

BUT, just because I haven't kept up with editing and posting doesn't mean I stopped shooting! I have a backlog of all kinds of fun summer flora and fauna and furry friends. I'm going to take the LIFO approach (yes, I am an accountant by trade and, as I'm sure you've determined, a huge nerd) and post the most recent grouping of photos I've compiled - the hummingbirds.

I know I posted a bunch of these guys last year, but they are always a seasonal favorite of mine. They were a little late to arrive this year and were somewhat elusive for the majority of the summer, but these last few weeks they have been busy, busy, busy getting ready for their adventure south. They're gone now that the temperatures have dropped, but they were a joy while they were here - peppering the sky, the trees, the bushes, and the flowers with flashes of vibrant jewel-tones. I was lucky enough to capture a few of those moments, and I want to share them with you...

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