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My First Contest!

So, I finally bit the bullet and entered a photography contest, hosted by Seems pretty low-stakes, but that’s just what I needed for my first time out. You can enter up to five images from each of several wildlife or nature categories. I didn’t max out my entries, but I did enter eight images in four categories. Thought I’d share them with you! Results will be announced at the end of February. Wish me luck!



TITLE: All Fluffed Up

SUBJECT: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

LOCATION: My backyard

TITLE: Beach Baby, Beach Baby

SUBJECT: Brown Pelicans - Juveniles

LOCATION: Pelican Island, Outer Banks, NC



TITLE: Hey, Little Brother!

SUBJECT: Eastern Gray Squirrels - Juvenile

LOCATION: My neighborhood

TITLE: Shelter From the Storm

SUBJECT: Common Raccoon

LOCATION: Neighborhood Retention Pond


CATEGORY: Amphibians

TITLE: God’s Camo

SUBJECT: Cope’s Gray Tree Frog

LOCATION: My backyard

TITLE: Deep Thoughts

SUBJECT: Cope’s Gray Tree Frog

LOCATION: My Neighborhood


CATEGORY: Natural World

TITLE: Make A Wish

SUBJECT: Dandelion


TITLE: The Range Within the Mountain

SUBJECT: Glacier-formed mountain/rock

LOCATION: Ketchikan, AK

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